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Honey bees are amazing creatures.

They've been around long before us and have managed fine without us. Today they are used in commercial pollination and honey ventures. They also provide endless entertainment and fascination for hobby beekeepers like myself.

Bee well, Bee healthy and Bee happy.

Rivendale Apiculture
Western Cape
South Africa

Save the honey bee - don't let a pest removal company destroy them!

Featured Books

Bad Beekeeping
By Ron Miksha

Beehive Construction

By Peter Sieling
Featured DVD's

American Foulbrood
By Carlos Francisco

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Pollen Nation
By S Agnew and J Fisher
Shaking an AFB Colony in the Western Cape
Further clips from Amberfield Apiaries:

Anti Vandalism
Honey Bee Quiz
  Test your honey bee knowledge using this fun, multiple choice quiz.

You will receive
a cheesy certificate on completion.

The quiz randomly selects 10 questions from a large database - Ok maybe not so large, but I am working on it!

The questions are presenting in a multiple choice layout. 

Your results are automatically tallied up, weighted with the time taken to complete and presented as a final percentage score in the Hall of Fame and Shame. The questions change, each time you take the quiz.
  The S A A Federation’s goals and aims are to achieve a prosperous bee keeping industry for all who are involved, from those who do research to those who bottle honey.

Our members represent 80% of all honey sold in South Africa.
International links

Public Forage Zone
Use this tool to plot your apiary locations and discovery your honey bees potential foraging zones. Your site locations are visable to all.

View the Public Forage Zone
Private Forage Zone
Use this tool to plot your apiary locations and discovery your honey bees potential foraging zones. Only you can see your site locations.

View the Private Forgage Zone
Free Library
A collection of  books and articles regarding honey bees and beekeepers that you can read 4 free.

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Tell me more
I've collected some links to interesting, honey bee webpages

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SABIO registration numbers
Personalise your SABIO registration number by sharing it with other beekeepers, correlate your number to your contact details in a searchable database.

Access the unofficial list here
Killer bees?
A town is attacked by deadly killer bees after a truck accident causes their release. The town sheriff must mobilize everyone to safety, but no one will believe him except a woman who is an expert in beekeeping. Will the townspeople change their mind before it's too late?

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Beekeeper terminology
As a beekeeper, you should know several common names associated with honey bees

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Drink mead!
In Africa, mead is consumed in vast quantity. In subsistence economies honey is harvested from wild, or semi wild hives and is rich in pollen and debris - perfect for mead making, but not for sale as table honey

Makana Meadery
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Want to know more about beekeeping in SA?

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Something different!
Comprehensive information about poi, staff and twirling, including animated lessons, discussion forums, building instructions, articles and a shop.

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Home of Poi and fire twirling


Good books that I own. Click on the pictures below and get your own copies.

The Hive and the Honeybee:
A New Book on Beekeeping to
Succeed the Book Langstroth on the
Hive and the

A practical guide for southern Africa

The ABC and XYZ
of Bee Culture

The Shamanic Way of the Bee:
Ancient Wisdom
and Healing
Practices of the Bee Masters

Nine Lectures on the Nature of Bees

Langstroth's Hive and the Honey-Bee:
The Classic Beekeeper's Manual

Integrating popular science and social history of honeybees

Robbing the Bees:
A Biography of Honey

Does the flower make the honeybee or the honeybee the flower?