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Honey bee rescue

How do I know if bees fancy my home?

If you notice a lot of bee activity around, they could be scout honeybees looking for a new home.

I've just noticed bees living in my..

If bees have already moved in, deal with them now. They could have grown into a large colony by the time you noticed them.
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Don't let a pest removal company destroy them.

"Taking the sting out of honeybee removal"

Note: Your request will be send to the South African beekeeping user group, Apiculture SA.

A beekeeper will contact you to discuss removal options and price.


What if I just leave the swarm until they move away and become someone elses problem?

You could pass the responsibility onto someone else or you could see this as an opportunity to make a difference by saving the honey bees!

What if I kill them - nobody will know and it takes care of the problem.

You will know and have to live with your actions. Bottom line, we are a part of nature and the honey bee is connected to the cycle that puts food into your mouth.

Will there be a charge?

Yes there probably will be a time and material charge to cover the beekeepers efforts.  Ask for a quotation before the beekeeper comes out!

Why should I pay anything - the beekeeper is getting the bees?

Well he's not really getting them. Bees are wild creatures that you don't own to give away and there is no guarantee that they will stay in the beekeepers hive after he has removed them.

Can bees be dangerous?

Honey bees are gentle, private creatures but they could become nasty in order to protect a threatened hive.

Typical early warning signs are reports from your garden service or unhappy pets that avoid certain parts of the garden.

Never underestimate an established beehive in your garden. You may think that there are only a few bees in there but they may be a thriving colony by the time you noticed them.

If you don't know bees, don't mess with them.

A swarm
This is a cluster of bees; could be hanging from a branch or in a bush in your garden
Bee swarm
An established colony
Bees that have moved into a cavity within your garden/house. Could be a pool pump cover, bird box..
Established bees in a bath
The bees in the picture above were inside an upside down metal bath. The honey comb filled up half of the bath, reaching from the bottom of the bath to the ground.
Does the flower make the honeybee or the honeybee the flower?